TAYNEKS was established in 2003 with the aim to bring about an innovative, high quality and unlimited service approach to the traffic sector. It has since achieved a tremendous success in the sector due to its professional administrative staff, its expert R&D Department, its products produced according to ISO quality standards and its unlimited support even after sales.


TAYNEKS has been responsible for carrying out major projects both in Turkey and abroad according to the needs of public and private sectors. In addition to its contribution to the national economy through its experts to various countries, especially in Europe, the Middle East, the Turkic Republics and Africa, it also contributes positively to the environment with its products operated by solar energy and its promotion of the environmentally friendly use of energy.


TAYNEKS is the first company with its 36 years of experience in Turkey to produce accessibility products that facilitate the lives of the blind and the visually impaired and that are compatible with laws, regulations, standards as well as the principles of universal design since 2010.


TAYNEKS enables the blind and the visually impaired to move independently and safely both indoors and outdoors with its tactile warning and directional surfaces, tactile and direction and information boards as well as tactile maps where both Latin and Braille Alphabets are used, tactile rulers, plastic flexible warning delineators.


TAYNEKS is the first and the only company which has the TSEK-197 Certificate in Turkey in the field of tactile ground surface indicators.


TAYNEKS continues to create awareness with the support of its visually impaired personnel and various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and it is rightly proud to fulfill its social responsibilities with its vision of a world without obstructions.